Separation, Divorce and property Division

Marriage and separation are among life's major turning points. When people embark on new relationships, or choose to end them, they make choices that will affect them and their children personally and legally. The role of a family law lawyer is to assist with the legal aspects of these life changes, while remaining cognizant of the effect on a client's home life.

Informed and compassionate guidance is what we offer at Goluboff & Mazzei in West Vancouver. Our family law lawyer, whose former career as a counsellor was key to her development of strong communication skills and sensitivity, is focused on helping clients to achieve resolution through agreement and conflict minimization.

Our Services


At Goluboff & Mazzei, we offer a range of services connected to divorce. These include:

  • Negotiating separation agreements
  • Child care and parenting agreements
  • Division of family property and other assets
  • Changes to existing support and custody arrangements

In short, we provide representation during divorce, and in the years following, when a part of the final settlement has to be revisited.


A central focus of our family law practice is negotiating agreements. These include final settlements on property and asset division after separation or divorce and spousal support payments. They may also include parenting agreements covering guardianship, parenting responsibilities, custody, child support, where children live, parenting arrangements and decision-making on important aspects of the children's upbringing.

We also provide for the negotiation and review of cohabitation agreements. These agreements are established by committed couples, determining how property will be divided during their relationship, and if the relationship ends.

Process Options

In an area of law so deeply personal, it can be of comfort to know going to court is not always necessary or preferred. At Goluboff & Mazzei, we offer a range of out-of-court options to resolve family law cases. These include mediation, direct negotiation and collaborative family law.

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We offer free initial consultations in family law. To schedule a meeting time, call us at 604-925-6900 in the Lower Mainland or 800-815-5894 toll free in British Columbia. You can also send us an email.