Collaborative Family Law

When it comes to your family, especially your children, simply coming to an agreement is not enough. It has to be the right agreement, and it has to be achieved in a respectful and meaningful way. Often, even if the final result is acceptable, the conflict that led up to it can have long-lasting and damaging effects. For this reason, many separating spouses choose not to use the court process to resolve the issues arising out of the breakdown of their relationship.

Collaborative law is a distinct legal process that is different from mediation or arbitration. In collaborative law, spouses and their lawyers "contract out" of going to court. The focus is on achieving an agreement that works for everyone, in a respectful and open manner, focused on minimizing conflict, while meeting the specific needs of the parties and their children.

Benefits Of Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is for spouses who are committed to working together to settle their issues related to parenting, finances and other matters upon separation or divorce. As an out-of-court process, the spouses, with the assistance of their lawyers, maintain control of the process and the decision-making. There are no surprise outcomes, and the parties set their own priorities, using all the resources they have at hand.

In a collaborative law process, participants often obtain advice from outside experts. Social workers, parenting experts and/or financial planners may be consulted so spouses have the information they need to come to a final resolution on their divorce or separation.

Collaborative law must be approached in good faith and with a focus on achieving agreement, not prolonging conflict. As our family law lawyer has a background in counselling, she has the broad-based knowledge to assess whether it is the right process for you and to be your legal representative in collaborative law proceedings.

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