Agreements — Parenting, Property, Cohabitation

Family law deals with very personal issues. These issues can often be resolved in private between spouses, through the negotiation of legally binding agreements. Agreements can often help families avoid the ongoing conflict that is so detrimental to their children's emotional well-being.

Agreements can be used at any stage of a relationship, for a variety of purposes. At Goluboff & Mazzei, we will review your concerns with you and help you to negotiate an agreement that is appropriate for your circumstances and objectives.

Kinds Of Agreements

Committed Relationships

Before a couple gets married, they may sign a marriage agreement. This document, also known as a cohabitation agreement for common-law couples, may outline each spouse's responsibilities during the relationship, possibly including how debts and assets will be divided. It will also specify how property will be split if the relationship ends; in this way it has the function of what is known outside of Canada as a prenuptial agreement or "prenup."

Separated And Divorcing Couples

When a relationship ends, and there is no existing agreement, a couple should resolve their issues by way of a separation agreement prior to divorce. This document can cover how assets will be divided, and who will care for minor children.

Parenting Agreements

After separation or divorce, most former spouses will continue to parent their children together. A parenting agreement outlines what the parenting relationship will be, including where children reside and when they will be in each parent's care. Other important issues, such as decision-making authority and responsibility over important issues in the lives of the children, such as religion and medical care, may also form part of this agreement.

These agreements can be as detailed as the father and mother want them to be. Children, if they are of sufficient maturity, may have input into arrangements made for their care.

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