Real Estate Law

Real estate affects everyone. Whether you are buying, developing or leasing a commercial, development, residential, recreational, investment or any other type of property, we provide a full range of legal services to help.

The West Vancouver real estate lawyers at Goluboff & Mazzei each have more than 20 years of experience advising clients from around the world on virtually all aspects of BC real estate law from residential conveyances to highly complex commercial real estate transactions. Much of this experience comes from working on real estate transactions with prominent national law firms for over 20 years.

Some of the types of real estate work we do include:

  1. residential conveyances
  2. complex commercial real estate transactions
  3. acquisitions and sales, due diligence, title review, options to purchase, rights of first refusal
  4. mortgages, loans, financing, financial restructuring, mortgages, guarantees and other security, debt collection
  5. commercial leases, ground leases, First Nations leases, landlord-tenant rights and remedies
  6. developments, land assemblies and rezoning
  7. subdivisions, strata titling and air space parcels
  8. pre-sale real estate projects, disclosure statements, developer and purchaser disputes
  9. transportation and infrastructure projects
  10. First Nations and reserve land transactions
  11. real estate litigation

Examples of some leading edge work we have advised on include developing the legal framework and documents for pre-sales of real estate developments in B.C., creating innovative build-to-suit leasing structures, expanding prominent foreign businesses into B.C., using real estate in unique ways to fund public transportation and infrastructure projects, implementing real estate aspects of a modern day First Nations treaty and privatizing public services.

We provide real estate law advice to a broad range of clients including individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, charitable organizations, non-profit societies, social enterprises, start-ups, international companies, multi-national businesses, municipalities, regional districts, the Province of BC, government of Canada, first nations, public and quasi-public entities and strata corporations.