First Nations and Reserve Lands

Many real estate transactions throughout British Columbia are affected by First Nations considerations. First Nations reserve lands are located in the heart of urban cities, in suburban communities and extend to many remote parts of the Province of B.C.

It is important to understand when it may be appropriate for a land owner, tenant, lender or developer to do due diligence on First Nations matters. Without that, you could accidentally stumble into First Nations issues which can lead to significant delays, costs and frustration.

In other situations, you may know that lands you are dealing with are on reserve lands. This may mean that the lands are only registered in the Indian Lands Registry without the usual protections of indefeasible title and priorities offered by the B.C. land titles registry system. It also means that anything you do on the reserve lands will be affected by the requirements of the applicable First Nation instead of municipal or other governmental laws and bylaws.

Our real estate lawyers have been trusted legal advisors to many types of land owners, tenants, lenders and developers working with First Nations lands. This gives us a unique understanding and perspective on First Nations real estate matters which few lawyers enjoy. Contact us to have our experience serve your real estate law needs.