Residential Conveyances

Are you buying or selling your first or tenth home, primary residence, investment property, pre-sale condo, strata property or cottage in BC? Our group of highly experienced West Vancouver real estate lawyers can help with all legal aspects of your real estate conveyance from signing the offer or contract of purchase and sale, to condition removal, mortgage financing, paying property transfer taxes (or claiming any exemption), obtaining title insurance (where appropriate), dealing with any GST or GST rebate, handling any non-resident withholding tax and closing.

It is usually best to have your lawyer review your offer before you sign it, or make it subject to your lawyer's review of the agreement. This review is often time sensitive. We are available when you need us.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. A dispute may come up between buyers and sellers, developers and purchasers, owners and municipalities, you and your neighbours. We can look at your situation, let you know your options, help you decide what, if any, legal action to take and be your advocate through it all.

If you are a real estate agent, property management company, strata property manager or other real estate business, you may want who help with training in real estate law concepts or drafting some standard form contracts or clauses for you, your staff or colleagues to use. We're here to help.