Living Wills/Advance Directives

An advance directive became established in B.C. law in 2011. It is a written instruction to care providers and medical personnel to consent to, or refuse, medical treatment in the event you are incapable of expressing your wishes. If you have previously outlined your treatment directive in a document commonly known as a "living will," it is advisable to have that document reviewed by a lawyer since the law has changed.

A lawyer can help you to decide if an advance directive is right for you. The lawyers at Goluboff & Mazzei maintain a broad wills and estates practice. We can help you to assess the legal tools that will meet your objectives for your health care.

Reasons For Establishing An Advance Directive

An advance directive outlines your wishes with regards to end-of-life health care. It is, in essence, your communication directly to your medical team. You may choose to have an advance directive if you have strong opinions about certain procedures or treatments. You may also want to express your wishes formally and not leave the decision up to the individual you designate under a representation agreement as the person with the authority over your care.

Since the implications of an advance directive have a direct impact on end-of-life health care decisions, it is important to ensure it is drafted correctly. It is also vital to understand how the document may be used, in particular if you have also named a person to make your medical decisions under a representation agreement. At Goluboff & Mazzei, we will take the time to analyze these documents with you and advise you on how to proceed given your preferences.

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